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Descheneaux PHT.MSC

Julien started climbing 12 years ago at Horizon Roc and is well placed to understand how unique and little-known climbing injuries are. He seeks to deepen knowledge of this sport and that is why he is exclusively dedicated to it.


It is therefore 100% of his clientele, the subject of his conferences and the training he offers in physiotherapy.


His interests include orthopedic physiotherapy, hand injuries, correction of movement patterns and their integration into climbing movements. His goal for 2020 is to develop prevention clinics for competition teams and continue to deepen his knowledge of finger and hand injuries.


Passionate about the outdoors and adventure, you can meet him in gyms in the Montreal region and outside climbing walls around the world.


2020: Lecturer-trainer for the Quebec PT board about injuries of upper quadrant in climbing.

2019: Speaker for the 2nd "Canadian Climbing Medicine Symposium" in Squamish, BC.

2018: Participant in the 4th IRCRA congress on climbing in Chamonix.

2018: "Advanced cervico-thoracic complex" certification, APTEI.

2017: Participant in the 1st "Canadian Climbing Medicine Symposium" in Toronto, ON.

2016-present: Speaker about climbing injuries for Horizon Roc / Arc'teryx Montréal / FQME / Bloc Shop

2016: Co-founder of Physiotherapy Horizon Roc, 1st intra-gym physio service dedicated to climbing in Canada

2016-2018: Physiotherapist, orthopedic clientele at Kinatex St-Bruno.

2016: Certification in dynamic shoulder dysfunctions, AQPMO.

2016: Certification dip. peripheral. manip., University of Montreal.

2016: Master of Science - Physiotherapy - University of Montreal.

2014-present: First responder, medical team, Quebec Climbing Cup, FQME circuit.

2014: Physiotherapy - Hand therapy at Pierre Legardeur Hospital.

2008: Beginning of the practice of sport climbing at Horizon Roc, Montreal.

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